Our plastic cards manufactuter was founded in 2009. In fact we have been engaged more than 12 years on the field of printing plastic cards & smart cards. most business are OEM service for our clients. we 100% guarantee our cards quality . Undoubtedly we are a sufficiently qualified printing provider. In recent years, with the rapid development of our business and the strong support of our customers, we had expanded our market successfully and made a lot of derivatives of cards printing to meet customers’ further demand, such as card holder, folder of cards and other related printing items. Based on that situation, we had collected a series of excellent materials resource for the products and a quality service is always accompanied.

It's no doute that we offer an unbeaten price in plastic cards & smart cards field. Our aim is to not only provide a quality products and services that achieve our customers an emotional and visional satisfaction, but also a communication and the development of relationship with our customers. Therefore, we believe that credibility is the most significant factor to be successful in this field.

2014 we change  strategy invest web and provide wide printing suppliers, so you will see more and more awesome suppliers in my site ,  I think that would be good news to our clients and oversea buyer. 

what we do

We have our collaboration with the best manufacturers and production houses.

they have considerable talent in product development.